Five of Murray's cardiac patients testified about what a caring, careful doctor he was during their care.  Murray cried in court as Ruby Moseley testified about his lack of greed in opening up a clinic in a poor neighborhood in Houston in honor of his father.  Even Randy Jackson seemed affected by her testimony and was heard remarking, "She's sweet," as she left the stand.  Gerry Causey, a 68-year-old former patient testified 'Murray was the best doctor.' "He's the best doctor I've ever been to, and I just don't think he did what he's being accused of."  Causey further testified that Murray refused even to charge him his insurance deductible. Causey hugged Dr. Murray and kissed him on the head after his testimony.   Murray's defense is expected to call Dr. Paul White to the stand tomorrow in an attempted rebuttal of Dr. Steven Shafer's propofol testimony.