Nephrologist and Addiction Practitioner Dr. Robert Waldman testified about dermatologist Arnold Klein's medical records in Michael Jackson's treatment.  Waldman read and commented on an exhaustive day by day accounting of Klein's near daily administrations of doses of Botox, midazolam, Demerol, and Restylane.  Defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, displayed Klein's records of "Omar Arnold," one of Jackson's many aliases, spanning from March 2009 to June 2009.  During that time, it seems Klein frequently had Jackson in his office for what he labeled treatments for excessive perspiration. (Restylane is a wrinkle filler, midazolam is a benzodiazepine often used to treat anxiety, and Demerol is a powerful and addictive painkiller.)  In March 2009, Klein often started with 100-200mg of Demerol for Jackson's visits, but by May 2009, he was routinely administering 300mg of Demerol in addition to midazolam and Botox.  The Botox was injected into Jackson's groin and armpits.  Waldman said the treatments Jackson received were not painful procedures and he did not think Demerol, especially in those amounts, was a necessary accompanyment. Indeed, the Demerol was not the standard of care and the treatments themselves were unnecessary.  Click to see a screenshot of the medical record and to read more about Waldman's heated testimony.
Waldman testified that based upon Klein's records of treatment, by May 4, 2009 Jackson might possibly have been physically dependent upon Demerol and addicted, and that he could have been exhibiting withdrawal symptoms that resulted in sleep disturbances by June 2009.  Upon cross examination by prosecutor Walgren, Waldman admitted that he could not diagnose Jackson as addicted to Demerol based upon the medical records alone since addiction implies behaviors that were not noted in the record and he did not personally interview the patient.  The cross examination was often tense, with Walgren having to repeat questions sometimes three or four times because the witness refused to directly answer them.  At one point, Waldman appealed to Judge Pastor complaining the prosecution was putting words in his mouth.  Dr. Waldman also testified that he did not review Conrad Murray's interview with LAPD that occurred two days after Jackson's death, nor did he review reports and testimony from other expert witnesses because he did not find it "pertinent." Dr. Waldman is not a board certified addiction specialist.

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