Sleep expert, Dr. Nadar Kamangar, testified today about the nature and relevancy of Dr. Murray's treatments for Michael's insomnia.  Dr. Kamangar questioned not only the efficacy of said treatments, but whether or not the condition they were meant to treat--insomnia--even truly applied to Michael Jackson.  Dr. Kamangar stated he was unable to determine the true nature of Michael's sleep disturbances due to shoddy record keeping by Conrad Murray.  Murray's defense team asserts he was using propofol to treat Michael for insomnia brought on by a number of causes, but exacerbated by various drug regimens prescribed by other physicians, especially Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.  According to Klein's records, he administered 6500 mg of Demerol to Michael between April and June of 2009, a massive amount.  Murray's lawyers assert this prolonged use of Demerol made Michael's insomnia more difficult to treat by requiring much larger doses of benzodiazepines and propofol than would otherwise be used on another patient.  Dr. Kamangar and other expert prosecution witnesses dispute this position by saying propofol is not even a recognized or effective treatment for insomnia under any circumstances.

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