Shafer gave a lot more detailed propofol testimony focusing on explaining how propofol is metabolized by the body, the 1st pass mechanism, and its bioavailability.  They went over how the digestive system is laid out. How drugs are distributed if they are injected into the blood stream versus ingested in the mouth (as Murray claims MJ did). He went over the fact that so little propofol remains in the bloodstream after being processed by the liver that it is virtually useless and non-sedating. He cited a study in which 3 subjects were injected with propofol and 3 ingested it. None of the people who ingested experienced any lowering of blood pressure or breathing rate.  He then went over what seemed like 6 scenarios with Murray giving various amounts of lorazepam to Michael at different times of the night and morning to try to explain the abnormally high levels found in his femoral blood sample at autopsy. None even came close to what was found which only leaves the conclusion that Murray lied through his teeth about the amounts given and the times he administered.  Even a massive dose of 100 mg pushed through a syringe wouldn't have resulted in the levels found.  

One is left to conclude after the testimony the other day that Murray was gone MUCH longer than 2 minutes and after today's testimony that he gave numerous unmeasured doses of lorazepam through the night and a massive amount of propofol without monitoring in the morning so he wouldn't be bothered by Michael's complaints and so he could speak on the phone with his various women.  Read more and watch videos from today after the jump.

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